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You don’t point out any logical flaws, given your reasoning so far I very much doubt you are capable of any logic at all.

As someone who teaches logic for a living, may I recommend “Introduction to Logic”, Harry J. Gensler, Routledge, 2010

What it is happening, you see, is that you are projecting. I threw no temper tantrums (two words, btw). It is you who are having a fit because someone points out what a charlatan your celebrity idol is, and with an overabundance of evidence to boot.

May I remind you that idealizing celebrities and everything they do is a typical trait of 14 year old girls?

Let’s have a look at your response, then, shall we?

>> Having an aspiration not yet fulfilled or making a mistake is not the same as lying. A lot of people these days don’t seem to grasp that simple distinction.

No, Lying is the same as lying. And there are LITERALLY hundreds of occasions in which Musk lied knowing very well that he was lying.

It is obvious that you have not even read the first link that I sent you at all and to be honest I should stop here because you already embrassed yourself with that. But I am crankyer than usual today. So let’s go on, instead.

The times in which Musk was not lying don’t bode much better for him, as they show that not only he is a certified liar but also in many occasions pathetically incompetent or delusional. And I am not sure which is worse.

>> The article comparing Mars colonization to colonizing the deep seas, shows the guy neither

>> understands economics nor the mind of an explorer. Why do people climb Mount Everest? [….]

This whole paragraph is just your opinion about aspirations and your supposed insights into the mind of dreamers/explorers. What makes you think you are an authority on what other people think?

It is preposterous and delusional.

People went to Everest because it did not require trillions to go there and was perfectly feasible with a small team and very little investment. Duh. And in regard to the Moon… it is a well-documented historical fact that it happened because of the cold war.

Why do you think we have not returned to the Moon since 1972? Where is the Moon colony, Erik?

Most importantly both of these were technically and economically feasible in principle. Mars is not.

>>The economics of Martian society will be entirely different from Earth, so comparing the two makes no sense.

What Martian society are you talking about? Are you having an episode?

>> The deep sea just isn’t that interesting to people. Nobody is going to put their fortune in the line to live under the sea, as it is simply not that interesting. At least not comparable to establishing a colony on Mars.

More mere opinion. Any facts to offer? Have you asked “people” yourself?

>> Personally I don’t think we will ever build up a large Mars colony.

One second ago you were talking of Martian society.

[more drivel about aspirations and dreams omitted here… because it made me fall asleep]

>> I doesn’t matter that Starship will not build a new human civilization on Mars.

Oh so no colony after all?

>>It will help build research stations which will expand our knowledge about our solar system.

>>Starship will bring incredible new capability in exploring many planets of the solar system.

You do know that most other planets are entirely inhospitable, do you? And do you know that we don’t have space travel capabilities to send someone very far at all? Your talk of starships betrays that you understand too little of space travel and watch far too much science fiction.

>> And there is a real chance that Starship will enable Asteroid mining for which there is s a strong economic case.

There is zero economic case for asteroid mining. Did you even read the articles that I sent you?

Bringing back anything from an asteroid would cost so much money that there isn’t a viable case of mining anything.

>> They could make large space bases economically viable in the future. Large scale construction in

>> space once mastered has many economic benefits. With minimal gravitational pull, moving large

>> structures around becomes significantly cheaper.

This would be true if we knew how to build the kind of space bases that you saw in movies. Here is a little secret for you. We don’t, and it is probably impossible.

>> But this is akin to the internet.

Not even remotely. The Internet was cheap and accessible to everyone. It was exactly the opposite.

>> Once we got cheap launching capability with something like Starship there will be a huge amount of new opportunities we have not yet seen.

How cheap do you mean? Will the students and hackers down at my university be able to launch their own rockets? You know, the type of people who made the success of the Internet?

No? I didn’t think so.

>> But of course there is always a large crowd of glass-half-empty naysayers who only focus on what

>> is not possible rather in what is possible. But people like that never changes the world.

Quite the opposite.

You know who never changes the world? Deluded fanboys and people who put dreams and aspirations before reality and facts and science.

Have you ever met a scientist? Well, I am one and I assure you that we don’t go around all dream-eyed, making up castles in the sky. If we ever achieve anything it is precisely because we confront reality.

>> Where I am from we have a pseudo-law mocking that attitude called “the law of Jante”:

>> Don’t think you are better than anyone. Don’t think you will ever amount to anything.

>> Don’t think you know anything better than us.

It would appear that the law of Jante is designed exactly against the kind of grandiose, self-important, narcissistic, obnoxious, arrogant-yet-incompetent person that you are defending. If there was EVER one you should apply it to it is Elon Musk.

Have a read here…


By the way, you have not addressed any of the other major points about Musk that I raised in my original response, that go well beyond the Mars scam. From his manipulation of crypto, to his enterprises being all financial failures, to him getting tax breaks and then attacking the very governments who keep his companies alive, to him being chum with Trump, to his belief that billionaires are superior to common people and should not pay taxes, to his outlandish and absolutely false statements about AI, to naming his Tesla “Full Self Driving” when it is at level 2 out of 5 of autonomy… I could go on for pages!

In conclusion, we have a law here that says

“If you are incompetent about a topic, why don’t you just shut your trap and stop embarassing yourself?”



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